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Why is our motto ‘A Better Way’? After working in recruitment for a combined 40 years, our founders Hamish and Ben decided to create a better kind of recruitment company.

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How are we better? Marshall McAdam is a small company with a big network. We’re all about integrity, specialisation and expertise. We take the time to learn your needs and find people who fit with your culture. The biggest difference? We genuinely care.

Our Insights

Marshall McAdam was built on reputation and referrals. Our customers work with us again and again because we give great advice and continued support.

  • James Tseng

    James Tseng

  • Roy Cushan

    Roy Cushan

    In my role as a hiring manager over the last 18 months, I worked closely and regularly with Christine and less so with Vicki. Nonetheless, I found both displayed great professionalism and integrity. Their service ethic and attention to detail always featured and was of great benefit. These qualities helped me with the task of standing up a high-performance 20-person team. Christine is very adept at gathering insight beyond the PD/JD to the unarticulated requirements including broader, adjacent capabilities, cultural/interpersonal contexts which she then matches to the right candidate/s. Christine has always acted with honesty & integrity; only putting forward those whom she felt were genuinely a good fit or none at all. An organisation is only as good as it's people and as long as Marshall McAdam has people like Christine and Vicki in the team, they have my recommendation.

  • Ian Hendey

    Ian Hendey

    It has been a pleasure working with Christine Hubble over the last 5 years. As a recruiter, Christine continuously keeps you informed on potential candidates and has an outstanding follow up process with candidates she has placed for you. Thanks for your great work and quality candidates. Ian

  • Darren Vrettas

    Darren Vrettas

    I've been fortunate enough to work with Christine Hubble since 2013, both as a contractor and also a client. Christine's highly professional, yet personalised approach has ensured consistently high levels of service and outcomes. I would highly recommend Christine both as a contractor seeking representation or as a client seeking candidates.

  • Sharon Griffin

    Sharon Griffin

    Thank you, Gavin McDonald for your commitment to understanding the client's needs and timeframes, and getting swiftly through the process of identifying a great slate of candidates and ultimately the perfect person for the role. I will happily leverage Marshall McAdam again in the future after such a positive experience. Thanks again!

  • Jennifer Q

    Jennifer Q

    Christine Hubble goes above and beyond in her level of service as a recruitment consultant. She is knowledgeable about the market, personal in her approach, prepared to assist in any way she can and ultimately always delivers a professional service. I would highly recommend Christine and Marshall McAdam for any job seekers out there!

  • jonathan meadows

    jonathan meadows

    I've partnered with Christine Hubble and Richard Green for a number of years now - it has been a pleasure. I've been lucky enough to experience their professional services as both a Candidate and Employer, I can honestly say they are one of the best in the business.

  • Natalie Beirne

    Natalie Beirne

    Rachel Morton was extremely helpful when I was looking for a new job. She found me the perfect role first go and continues to check in with me on a frequent basis to see how I am getting on with the company she recruited me for. I am very happy with her services and would recommend her to all.

  • Dele Sanusi

    Dele Sanusi

    Rachel Morton is an excellent recruitment consultant, professional and prepared to listen to the needs of her clients. I would highly recommend Rachel to candidates and employees due to her ability to match candidates skills to employees requirements.

  • Craig Morrison

    Craig Morrison

    I had a really good experience with Marshall McAdam. Rachel Morton was very helpful and communicative during the entire process and I would not hesitate to work with her again.

  • Rachael Morgan

    Rachael Morgan

    In the 15 months I had the pleasure of dealing with Christine Hubble at Marshall McAdam I couldn't have been happier. Not only did she find the perfect role for me as a contractor at the time she looked after my professional welfare at a level rarely experienced before. I found Christine and everyone I dealt with at Marshall McAdam to act with the utmost care, integrity and professionalism. At any point I needed assistance there was always someone there to help. I would not hesitate to recommend Marshall McAdam to anyone looking to be placed in a role that is the right fit for them or a company seeking a candidate who will be the perfect fit.

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