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Why is our motto ‘A Better Way’? After working in recruitment for a combined 40 years, our founders Hamish and Ben decided to create a better kind of recruitment company.

Our Team


How are we better? Marshall McAdam is a small company with a big network. We’re all about integrity, specialisation and expertise. We take the time to learn your needs and find people who fit with your culture. The biggest difference? We genuinely care.

Our Insights

Marshall McAdam was built on reputation and referrals. Our customers work with us again and again because we give great advice and continued support.

  • SY Cheong

    SY Cheong

    Lucinda was super professional and responsive. Generous with her time and knowledge, and her willingness to follow up on the smallest concern you may have. Highly recommend and would definitely engage with her again with my next opportunity.

  • Madhumita Thakur

    Madhumita Thakur

  • Belinda Foulds

    Belinda Foulds

    I have contracted through Marshall McAdam for a year but have known this agency for a long time to be highly professional. Vicki Woodcock was amazing at matching me into a great role and was kind, thoughtful and made it a great experience. Hope to work with this team again!

  • Mel Corby

    Mel Corby

    I've been contracting through Marshall McAdam for a year now. I've found all my engagements to be thoroughly professional and in my experience, I've found they try to strike a fair balance between needs of the employers and needs of the contractor. The other thing they do, is that they set up the occasional session that helps with my professional and network development. You don't see that often from contract companies. For me, the opportunity to listen to a CIO talk about their path to that role, what worked and what didn't is really useful. As opposed to a Xmas party... which I love... don't get me wrong but if I had to choose.. I really appreciated them finding other ways to connect mid pandemic and grow my skills at the same time.

  • Udi Sheffi

    Udi Sheffi

    I was lucky to know Harry Strudley. He first recruited me to a role just before the pandemic, unfortunately that company had to suspend all work, however Harry was able to help me once again and he had recruited me for a new contract role. The whole process went really quick and easy for me, since I wasn't required to provide referrals again, very grateful.

  • Penny Lough

    Penny Lough

    My experience as a candiate has been excellent and I'd highly recommend Marshall McAdam, and Vicki in particular. Vicki is exceptionally responsive and has been a great sounding board on a number of work related topics. Vicki makes the effort to build a relationship with her Candidates and is very generous with her time. The timesheeting, expenses and payments process is effortless and I'm consistently paid on time.

  • Keivan Ashoory

    Keivan Ashoory

    I had a great experience with Harry Strudley from Marshall McAdam. He helped me transition to a better position in a well known company. Harry made sure the employer and me were mutually fit before organising an interview. He was supportive throughout the employment process, provided me with prompt helpful feedback, and always kept me in the loop. Harry is a pleasant person to work with and I would definitely contact him next time I am on the job market.

  • Allan Lindsay

    Allan Lindsay

    I have had the pleasure of dealing with Vicki Woodcock from MM, she is proactive, thorough and plain talking. I very much appreciated her approach and would not have any reservations in dealing with her as a candidate or hiring manager. Good job Vicki!

  • Jeff Poon

    Jeff Poon

    Vicki is the choice for both employers and candidates due to her culture and skills matching skills. She stands above the industry.

  • Wizard Rahl

    Wizard Rahl

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Marshall McAdam. They have done incredible work in finding a new job for me. Harry Strudley reached out to me where he proceeded to go above and beyond to make feel comfortable and confident. He introduced me to like minded people with whom I have created both professional and personal friendship. Not only are you a great judge of character, you helped me end the 2020 with positive happy thought. For that I thank you Harry.

  • Håkan Sjölin

    Håkan Sjölin

    Harry Strudley at Marshall McAdam helped me connect with and land my most recent job - which I've now had for over a year.He went over and beyond most recruiters in making sure the role was a good fit and not prioritising the relationship with the company or candidate over the other - ensuring it was the right hire rather than just getting someone hired. Great experience!

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