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Why is our motto ‘A Better Way’? After working in recruitment for a combined 40 years, our founders Hamish and Ben decided to create a better kind of recruitment company.

Our Team


How are we better? Marshall McAdam is a small company with a big network. We’re all about integrity, specialisation and expertise. We take the time to learn your needs and find people who fit with your culture. The biggest difference? We genuinely care.

Our Insights

Marshall McAdam was built on reputation and referrals. Our customers work with us again and again because we give great advice and continued support.

  • Stephen Braida

    Stephen Braida

    I have been contracting for over 17 years and have dealt with every Recruitment / Labour Hire / Project Resourcing Firm in Melbourne and Sydney ... Multiple times. Notwithstanding the 100s of Recruitment Consultants that this has connected me with, I can count on one hand the combination of firms and a specific consultant that I would personally recommend to others. With respect to the combination of Marshall McAdam and Emily Shilg, not only are they in the top 5 ... but very close to (if not at the of) that list.

  • Matthew Parker

    Matthew Parker

  • Agnes Valcanis

    Agnes Valcanis

    Marshall McAdam provides professional recruitment services which I have experienced as both a candidate and client. Gavin McDonald has represented me as a candidate for senior finance executive roles; he ensures there is a good fit with the recruiting organisation and is supportive throughout the process. Rachel Morton is a pleasure to work with, presenting high calibre finance candidates that meet the brief within a short timeframe. Hamish Sinclair is always happy to have a chat and provide advice. Their business is built on fostering trusting relationships and I highly recommend them.

  • Lara Domajnko

    Lara Domajnko

    Rachel was simply amazing in the recruitment process

  • Phil Nguyen

    Phil Nguyen

    Marshall McAdam have been fantastic recruiters. They placed me with a role that suited my skill set and matched me with a role that met my salary and cultural expectations. Laura and Rachel have looked after me very well and have provided great feedback and guidance, either face to face, via phone or email.

  • Tommy Walsh

    Tommy Walsh

    My experience with Marshall McAdam was first rate. They approached me regarding a role that they felt was well suited to what I was looking for and it was a great fit. The team were very professional during the entire process with superior communication and stakeholder management which made for a seamless experience. I will definitely engage their services again and highly recommend them.

  • Mairead Bauress

    Mairead Bauress

    My experience with Marshall McAdam was very positive. I applied for a role advertised online and was contacted soon after to discuss the job spec. I dealt with Laura Doyle and Amanda Chisholm and both were very helpful and professional during the process. Laura was always at the end of the phone to answer any questions I had about the job/interview process and made the experience seamless. I will definitely engage their services again and highly recommend them.

  • Jessie S

    Jessie S

    It has always been pleasure working with Marshall McAdam. The recruitment consultants are highly professional and responsive. I would like to give a special thanks to Amanda Chisholm who delivered speedy and high-quality service to place me in a role I absolutely have passion to do in less than two weeks after meeting. Amanda is always there for her candidates. Her excellent professional service and hard work are very much appreciated. As a candidate, I highly recommend Amanda and Marshall McAdam.

  • Amale Yamak

    Amale Yamak

    Marshall McAdam is a niche recruitment agency and Lauren Cole-Doswell is a highly professional consultant who has delivered to many organisations the best calibre of experienced professional individuals. I strongly recommend Marshall Mc Adam's as the preferred recruitment company their attention to dealing with each person looking for their next opportunity aligned to the organisations needs is impeccable. They are genuinely invested in both the organisations needs and the right skilled resources and have always delivered. I trust Lauren and will continue to support Mashall McAdams in future. Furthermore, if anyone is looking for exceptional services delivery, truly engaged stakeholders and someone whom will understand your career goals, dreams and desires! Marshall McAdam and Lauren are the perfect match for you!

  • lakshmi v

    lakshmi v

    It has been a pleasure to work with Marshall McAdam to find my next opportunity . It was a seamless experience . Special mention to Alex Hampton who helped me find the right role aligned with my aspirations . He is a fantastic recruiter and an amazing person .He gave regular updates and I dint have to follow up . Overall, it was great experience working your company . Keep up the good work.

  • James Tseng

    James Tseng

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